ENGLISH for Animal Science and Aquaculture

Introduction to the Course of English for Animal Science and Aquaculture

This course of English is designed specifically for students of animal and aquacultural sciences at Hanoi University of Agriculture (HUA). The objective of the course is to help students to:

Get familiar with the key vocabulary usually used in animal and aquacultural sciences and use them appropriately in scientific writing and oral communication.

Identify the most common grammar phenomena used in academic English for effective reading comprehension and scientific writing.

Get used to the English writing styles in the literature of animal science andaquaculture, and apply them appropriately in scientific writing.

The course consists of a series of lessons covering various topics, viz. Biology, Animal Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Nutrition, Genetics and Breeding, Reproduction, and Aquaculture. In each 5-teaching hour lesson, which is specified on a topic, students will study some of the key vocabulary and grammar phenomena which are usually used in academic English. Students will take part in discussion on some of the important issues related to the topic of the lesson and compare their information and ideas with fellow students. At the end of each lesson each student is required to write an assignment using some of the new vocabulary and structures they have studied in the lesson.

                                                                                    Hanoi, 15 March 2007

                                                                        Course designer



                                                                Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Trach


ENGLISH for Animal Science and Aquaculture


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