The 63rd opening ceremony for new students of Faculty of Animal Science


     On November 18, 2018, the opening ceremony to welcome the 63rd session was held by Faculty of Animal Science with two programs: "Camp 2018" and "Student 2018". This activity is a part of series of activities to celebrate the 62nd anniversary of Vietnam Natioanl University of Agriculture (12/10/1956 - 12/10/2018) and to celebrate 36 years of Vietnam Teachers' Day (20/11/1982 - 20/11/2018).

      15 very specific ideas are designed meticulously and bring out the unique features of the Department of Animal Science’s students. Along with camping, there were interesting games to increase the atmosphere of the students. At the end of the program, the K61CNTYD Union won the First Prize with the theme of "Animal welfare" and the image of a Dutch farm with windmills and happy dairy cows. The second, third prize andforth prize belongs to K62CNP, K61CNP and K61CNTYC respectively.

      The most animated activity is the "Student 2018" with the competition of four excellent teams from the four latest classes of the 63rd session.

    Attending with the program was the presence of delegates and guests: Dr. Vo Trong Thanh - Representative of the Youth Union of the Department of Livestock - Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; Dr. Do Thu Thuy - Deputy Secretary of the Youth Union of Vietnam National University of Agriculture; Dr. Han Quang Hanh - Deputy Secretary of the Youth Union of Vietnam National University of Agriculture; TS. Pham Quy Giang - President of Student Union, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Kim Dang -Vice Dean of the Faculty of Animal Science, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Do Duc Luc - Vice Dean of the Faculty of Animal  Science and all faculty members, representatives of the Union of Youth Union, the Union of Women's Union, the student volunteer team, and especially all students from the Faculty of Animal Science.

       The opening ceremony is started by the opening remark of Dr. Ha Xuan Bo – General Secretary of Animal Science, Head of organizer. Through the speech, he expressed his acknowledgment to the Faculty of Animal Science, delegates, the officers of the Union of Academy, the Donors for their support and coming.

        The gala takes place with the dramatic competition of the four teams coming from the 63rd session. Pass through the 4 sections: Greeting, Who’s smarter, Teammate and the Talent contest. By the intelligent, creative and talented contestants have made a very attractive gala night that gives you the audience with extremely wonderful emotions and deep memories in your heart.K63CNB have won the first prizes and K63CNA, K63CNP, K63CNC won the second, third andforth prize respectively.

      Opening ceremony of the 63rd Department of Animal Science took place successfully in the joyful atmosphere. The program has created a colorful environment, an opportunity for students to connect with each other, bringing new experiences for students.

        The organizerwould like to express their gratitude to the support of the University’s Office, the Culture and Politics Department, the Youth Union Administration Board and the Faculty of Animal Science, together with the Vnua- Media Clubto make the successfull program!

      Here are some pictures of the program:


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