Textbooks - Reference books

A. Textbook

1. Vu Kien Hien,  Nguyen Hai Quan (1964). Animal selection and breeding intypo(Translation from Chinese book)

2. Nguyen An (1972). Animal genetics.

3. Tran Đinh Mien, Nguyen Hai Quan, Vu Kinh Truc (1975). Animal selection and breeding. Rural publishing house.

4. Dang Vu Binh (2000). Animal breeding(using for technical education students). Agriculture Publishing house.

5. Dang Vu Binh (2001). Animal production 1: Feed - Animal breeds (using forPedagogical College students). Education Publishing House.

6. Dang Vu Binh (2002). Quantitative genetics and animal breeding (using for Master Program). Agriculture Publishing house.

7. Dang Vu Binh (2005). Animal breeds - (using forPedagogical College students). University of Education Publishing House

8. Nguyen Dinh Hien, DoDuc Luc (2007). Experimental design. Agriculture Publishing house.

9. Do Thi Mo, Dang Vu Binh, Nguyen Tien Dung, Do Đuc Luc, Vo Van Su (2009). Specialized informatics. Agriculture Publishing house.

10. Nguyen Xuan Trach, Do Duc Luc (2016). Experimental data analysis and publication of research results in animal science. University of Agriculture Publishing house.

11. Do Duc Luc, Nguyen Hoang Thinh, Ha Xuan Bo, Đoan Van Soan, Dang Vu Binh (2017). Writing scientific documents. University of Agriculture Publishing house.

12. Do Duc Luc, Nguyen Dinh Hien, Ha Xuan Bo (2017). Experimental design. University of Agriculture Publishing house.

B. Reference books

1. Nguyen An (1967). Practicing intypo genetic.

2. Nguyen Hai Quan, Nguyen Van Thien (1977). Practicing animal breeds.Rural publishing house.

3. Dang Vu Binh (2010). Exercise of quantitative genetics and animal breeding. Using for undergraduate and Graduate. Agriculture Publishing house.

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