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  Faculty of Animal Science (FAS) has significant contributions to the developments of the national livestock sector in scientific research, technology transfer and international collaboration. Since its foundation,  more than 500 research projects and scientific studies have been succesfully conducted; one of these studies, the economic crossbred pigstudywas awarded the Ho Chi Minh prize.Seven technical advances were certified (1. The VNUA-BIOMIX product and the technical application of VNUA-BIOMIX for bedding materials for pig;, 2. The findings of Landrace with the BB genotype of RBP4 gene and Yorkshire with CC genotype of RNF4 gene related with high reproductive performance; 3. The crossbred formula of male Bau ducks raised in Sinh Cheng with female SM3 ducks, 4. The fresh rice straw treatments as feedfor cattle; 5. The BALASA N01 product and the  application of BALASA N01 for bedding materials in livestock production, 6. The crossbred chicken formula between Ho chicken and Luong Phuong chicken; 7. The stress resistant Piétrain indigenous boars multiplied in Vietnam).

  Since 2015, FAS has had 70 scientific research studies and projects, publishing 177 scientific papers in national journals and 113 scientific papers in international journals.

  In Vietnam, FAS has collaborative research with many universities and research institutes (Hanoi University of Science and Technology, the Institute of Biotechnology, National Institute of Animal Science); with private enterprises and companies in the field of livestock production (Biomin, Hanoi Livestock breeding joint stock company, CP group), and with international organizations from Belgium, France, Australia, USA. Further, FAS is in collaboration with the Faculty of Animal Science, Konkuk university (Korea) in preparing a new project to apply for fund from KOICA (Korea) with a total of 15 millions USD for the period of 2021-2030. This project will enhance the teaching and research perfomance, improve the faculty facilities and promote the cooperation and technology transfer to enterprises. 

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