The formation and development of Faculty of Animal Science

The Faculty of Animal Science has its predecessor, the Faculty of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine, which was one of the first three faculties of Nong Lam University, initially established under Decree No.53 / NĐ-NL dated 12/10/1956 of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. At the beginning of the Faculty, there is only one branch of training - Animal Science - Veterinary. Since then, Faculty has undergone many changes, with many times separating and changing names and majors in various stages.

On the other hand, in the academic year 1959-1960, the School opened the Department of Fisheries (3 sectors: aquaculture, fishing and processing aquatic products). This is also considered a precursor to the current The Faculty of Animal Science. However, in the academic year 1966-1967, the Faculty of Fisheries was separated from the University (now known as the Academy of Agriculture and Forestry) to establish the University of Fisheries. Later, the aquaculture course was re-introduced to some schools in the school in the mid-1980s. During this period, the Aquaculture Department was under the management of the Department of Animal Husbandry, Department of Animal Science. By October 23, 2004, the Department of Aquaculture was re-established, under the Faculty of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine.

On January 25, 2007, the Faculty of Animal Science and Aquaculture was established under the Decision No. 159 / QĐ-NN1 of the Rector of Agriculture University No. 1 from the separation of the former Faculty of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine. At this time, the Faculty had a total of 62 staff members from 6 departments and office.

The current faculties of the Faculty include: Animal Biology, Animal Biochemistry, Physiology - Animal Behavior, Nutrition - Animal Feed; Genetics-Breeds, Breeding specialized. In addition, there is a Central Laboratory and one center.

Throughout the past half-century, through the process of building and developing, faculty trained high-level scientific and technical engineer, researching and transferring many technical advances for agricultural production and rural development in Vietnam.

By the end of the 2016-2017 academic year, the Faculty has trained more than 5,000 Animal Science/ Veterinary Medicine technicians at the school and more than 1,500 Animal Science/ Veterinary Medicine technicians in the localities, training more than 140 masters in Animal Science.

At present, the Faculty enrolls 6 full-time undergraduate students with 400-500 students, 2 graduate courses in Animal Science with about 30 trainees.

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