The development of Faculty of Animal Science


Faculty of Animal Science has its predecessor: Faculty of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine, which was one of the first three faculties of Nong Lam University, initially established under Decree No.53 / NĐ-NL dated 12/10/1956. Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. At present, there are 6 departments: Animal Biology, Animal Biochemistry, Physiology - Animal Behavior, Nutrition - Animal Feed; Genetics-Breeds, Breeding specialized; Office; 1 Central Laboratory, 1 Research Center.

By April 2018, the total number of teachers, officers and employees of the Faculty is 63 people, in which:

+ 41 lecturers (02 professors, 09 associate professors, 13 PhDs, 17 masters)

In 2018, a number of staff will continue to study abroad at the doctoral level. 100% of members in the faculty have a postgraduate qualification and more than 50% of Ph.D. This is a very important resource in teaching and scientific research.

+ The staff of faculties: 22 people, including 01 doctor, 11 masters, 09 bachelors, 01 intermediate level).

With a tradition of 60 years, both experienced staffs and young and well-trained staffs  create a very important resource in teaching, researching and transferring technology.

Throughout the past half a century, the faculty has had a great deal of success in the areas of training high-level scientific and technical personnel, researching and transferring many technical advances for agricultural production and rural development in Vietnam.

1. Training

By the end of the academic year 2016-2017, the Faculty has trained nearly 500,000 veterinary / animal science technicians at the school and more than 1,500 veterinary / animal science engineers in the localities, training more than 250 masters in Animal Science.

At present, the Faculty enrolls 6 full-time undergraduate programs with 400-500 students, 1-2 graduate classes and 2-5 PhD students; therefore,the total number of students alwaysavailablein the faculty varies between 2,200 to 2,400 students.

Major training courses at the present:

Bachelor program

+ The research-oriented education program has three majors:

Animal production and health

Animal nutrition and feed technology

Animal science

+ Professional oriented higher education (POHE)

Animal production and health POHE

Master program

+ Animal science

+ Animal production and health

Doctoral program

+ Animal science

+ Animal nutrition and feed technology

2. Research - Science and transfer

As one of the faculties with great achievements in research and transfer, we has presided over many national, ministerial and international projects, and has won one Ho Chi Minh Prize for Crossbred Pigs, three advances Technical (Anti-stress Pietrain pigs in Vietnam, hybrid chicken in Ho&Luong Phuong, treatment technology of fresh straw for cattle feed, technical advances - new technology: formula duck breeding between Sin Chengand SM3 (BSM3), etc. Many high quality domestic and foreign textbooks and articles have been published and highly appreciated by professionals.

Four research groups (pigs, poultry, herbivore, feed and safety technology) have been established in the following fields: Improving productivity, quality of meat and eggs making use of by-products and exploiting indigenous raw materials available for animal feed, animal husbandry industry, applying microbial technology in animal husbandry, food and animal feed safety, climate change and solutions to improve the breeding environment.

Serve the community:

- Training on the transfer of scientific and technical advances

- Consulting for development programs and projects

- Providing scientific and technical information

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