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1. History

The Central Laboratory of Animal Science, Vietnam National University of Agriculture was established under the Decision No. 937 / QD-NNH dated June 9, 2010 under the policy of enhancing research capacity. On the basis of equipment mobilized from various disciplines and invested in the framework of the Higher Education Capacity Building Project, the Vietnam Belgium Project and a number of other international cooperation projects.

2. Human Resources Lab

* Head of Lab

    1. Assoc.Prof. Pham Kim Dang: 2010 - 2016

    2. Assoc. Prof. Dang Thuy Nhung: 2016 to present

* Staff

1. MSc. Bui Thi Bich: Specialization in Analytical Chemistry

2. MSc. Vu Thi Ngan: Specialization in Analytical Chemistry

3. MSc. Vu Tra My: Animal Science – Veterinary Medicine

3. The strengths of Lab

The Central Laboratory is the basis for analyzing and testing indicators in the fields of animal husbandry, veterinary medicine, aquaculture and some other related fields such as preservation, processing, cultivation and technology. biological, etc.

The Center consists of 3 full-time staffs with master's degrees with deep expertise in the field of analysis and testing and regularly participate in short-term training courses at home and abroad to improve their professional capacity, Participate in research programs, topics, projects with many practical experience.

4. Facilities

          The Laboratory consists of 03 working rooms:

- 01 room with 48m2 area will be equipped with facilities for sample processing and analysis of basic nutritional criteria.

- 01 room with 24m2 area will be equipped with modern equipment for analysis of specialized indicators.

- 01 room with the area of ​​24m2 office: the place to receive samples, process data and return the results of analysis.

5. Objectives

To continue investing in the direction of serving the development strategy and scientific research on animal science, veterinary and aquaculture. Advanced in-depth analyzers will be upgraded to include mass spectrometers for use with the UPC (LC / MS), Mass Spectrometry (GC / MS), Orion II Microplate Luminometer , PCR, etc. for in-depth research and analysis of residues, toxins, pollutants, mold toxins and nutritional research (micronutrients, amino acids, vitamins, micro minerals).

Service slogan: "Strengthen the prestige by the quality of analysis, service quality and cost preferences", expects the researchers, students and customers will be very satisfied when coming to Central Laboratory of the Faculty.

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