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Department’s History

Department of Animal Physiology and behavior is one of the first department established of the Faculty of Animal Science -Vietnam National University of Agriculture (in 1957 with the name of Department of Animal Physiology).

At the moment, the staff of the department are teaching the basic subjects and some important specialized subjects in Animal Husbandry and Veterinarians training program. The basic subjects provide undergraduate students and master students with important background knowledge about the mechanism of organ systems in animals, through which learners have the basis to access specialized knowledge such as animal husbandry techniques or animal disease prevention and treatment. In addition, in order to meet the international integration requirement, the trend of developing safe and sustainable animal husbandry, our department has introduced related subjects such as Animal behavior and Welfare for undergraduate students, Quality Assessment of Livestock Products for postgraduate students.

    Currently, the department has 6 staff, five lecturers and one technician. One hundred percent of lecturers have PhD degree, including 2 Associate Professors and 3 PhDs.


           1. Animal physiology 1

           2. Animal physiology 2

           3. Animal behavior and welfare

           4. Digestive system physiology and absorption

           5. Advanced animal reproduction physiology

      6. Applied behavior and Welfare on animals

      7. Assessing the quality of livestock products

      8. Animal embryo technology


Currently the department has 1 meeting room, 1 working room and 2 practice rooms for students. The Department is equipped with a number of modern machines to meet the research and practice needs of students, such as:

- Electronic microscope connecting to TV screen

- Electrocardiograph for cattle

- Sperm concentration counter

- Other machines and equipment for research and practice      


Our department tackle a variety of research problems across multiple scales, ranging from molecular and cellular biology to the applied biology and management of herds and flocks.  The Department is comprised of accomplished researchers in a wide range of disciplines:         

1. Animal physiology                                 

2.Animal welfare

3. Livestock solutions to ensure biosafety and food safety

4. Livestock environment and issues related to climate change

5. Using by-products as food for cattle

6. Researching a number of hybrid combinations suitable to the natural conditions and regional breeding practices

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